Visit Branson, MO, Home to Silver Dollar City

Branson, Missouri, is home to the number one theme park in the U.S. according to Tripadvisor – Silver Dollar City! This special place in the heartland of America is where your family can gather together for fun and create lasting memories. At Silver Dollar City, every day at the park becomes the best day ever. This theme park is the perfect destination for all ages.

Get ready to explore new adventures, experience record-breaking thrills, discover a world of surprises, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

silverdollar city in branson MO
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Rides & Attractions

Silver Dollar City is renowned worldwide for its diverse array of rides and attractions. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or looking for family-friendly fun, this park has it all. From roller coasters and children’s rides to water attractions and historical exhibits, Silver Dollar City offers something for everyone.


If you’re craving a thrill, look no further than PowderKeg. This exhilarating ride launches you from 0 to 53 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds! As you experience the shocking speed of the compressed air launch, prepare for spiraling turns, negative gravitational forces, and floating over hills at speeds of up to 64 miles per hour. After the initial blast of speed and a heart-stopping 110-foot drop, you’ll soar through the trees over six acres on 3,500 feet of track. Brace yourself for a truly wild and unforgettable ride experience.

Time Traveler

Prepare to embark on the ride of a century on Time Traveler, the world’s fastest, steepest, and tallest spinning coaster. This record-breaking coaster will defy your expectations with three inversions—the most ever on a spinning coaster, including a 95-foot-tall vertical loop. With two launches that send riders to unprecedented speeds, Time Traveler breaks the laws of gravity, pushes the boundaries of speed, and makes history. Hold tight for a thrilling and revolutionary coaster experience that will leave you breathless.

Grandfather’s Mansion

Step into a house full of fun when you visit Grandfather’s Mansion. Laugh your way through perplexing rooms with slanting floors, mirrored walls, and dizzying effects that will turn your world upside down. This interactive and hilarious attraction is a must-visit for the whole family. Get ready for a unique and memorable experience that will leave you laughing and wondering at every turn.

American Plunge

Cool off and have a splashin’ good time on the American Plunge. Imagine a float trip through the picturesque Ozarks wilderness on a hot summer day, but don’t get too relaxed because thrilling falls are dead ahead! Climb more than five stories into the sky and feel the rush as you reach up to 35 miles per hour. You’re bound to create an outrageous splash that will drench you and everyone nearby.

Shows & Entertainment

While the rides at Silver Dollar City are a major draw, the park also offers a variety of shows and entertainment options for visitors to enjoy. Take a break from the excitement of the rides and sit back, relax, and catch your breath while being entertained by talented performers.

Homestead Pickers

Step back into life in an 1880s Ozark homestead at McHaffie’s Homestead on the Silver Dollar City Square. This 1880s-style performance gives you a glimpse into the past. Join the talented Homestead Pickers as they play and sing old-time favorites on the Front Porch or in the Pickin’ Shed. Immerse yourself in the Ozarks’ rich history and lively music, and let the tunes take you back in time.

Plan Your Next Visit! 

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Silver Dollar City not only offers incredible rides and entertainment but also boasts some of the best dining in Branson, MO. Indulge in a wide variety of delectable choices that will satisfy any craving. From mouthwatering BBQ that rivals the best in the nation to decadent pizza and irresistible funnel cakes, ice cream, and cookies, you’ll find a meal to remember at Silver Dollar City.


Shopping at Silver Dollar City is an experience unlike any other. While candy shops and gift shops are to be expected, this park takes it to the next level by offering unique and locally sourced products. Visit the Apple Butter Shop to pick up some delicious local apple butter or Bee-Transformed Honey to add a touch of sweetness to your pantry. If you’re in the mood for Western art, furnishings, home decor, clothing, or supplies, head to Cowboy Jepps. Shopping in Silver Dollar City is more than just finding the perfect souvenir; it’s about discovering things that will enhance your life, support local artisans, and bring joy to your everyday routines.

Festivals & Events

Silver Dollar City doesn’t stop at providing incredible rides, shows, and dining options. The park hosts events all year round, ensuring every visit is filled with excitement and unique experiences. This summer, you can expect to experience the Summer Celebration, where the City’s streets come alive with summer adventures. From the Rainmaker and picture-perfect canopy skies to oversized family games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Keep an eye on the park’s calendar for upcoming events that will make your visit even more memorable.


If you want to cool off and make a splash, look no further than White Water, Silver Dollar City’s water park. This Branson water park features 2 million gallons of fun and 13 acres of water rides, slides, and waves. Enjoy the high tide of the 500,000-gallon Surf’s Up Wave Pool, where you can ride the waves or simply relax and soak up the sun. Float your cares away on the Aloha River or splash with little ones in Coconut Cove. Take a 70-degree, 40-foot plunge at a screaming 26 feet per second on KaPau Plummet for high thrills, or brave the side-by-side freefall drop slides at Kalani Towers. This water park promises a day full of laughter, adventure, and refreshing fun for everyone in the family.

Location & Hours of Operation

Silver Dollar City is conveniently located at 399 Silver Dollar City Pkwy, Branson, MO. The park is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but opens from Thursday to Monday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Plan your visit accordingly and make the most of your time at this incredible theme park.

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