Terms and Conditions


Please read your vacation rental agreement carefully before you begin your vacation. Any monies received by Dreams2Reality Vacations for occupancy of vacation property indicated the acceptance of the terms of our vacation rental agreement in full. All policies are strictly enforced. It is the responsibility of all guests and members of their party to be familiar with all policies pertaining to rental.


For legal and accounting purposes, the person placing the reservation must be at least 25 years of age and the same as the credit/debit card holder. This person is considered to be the guest. All other persons involved with the rental are considered to be the guest’s invitees, and all discussion regarding reservation, cancellation, and damage policies will be discussed with the guest, not the guest’s invitees. 


Payment is to be paid in full at the time of reservation if arrival date is within 30 days. If reservation is more than 30 days away, half payment is due upon reservation and final payment is due 30 days prior to arrival date. Final payment will be required prior to checking-in to your vacation rental. 

DAMAGE PROTECTION: (No Security Deposit is required)

As a condition to the rental of all vacation properties, Dreams2Reality Vacations reserves the right to charge the guest’s credit card for any and all uncovered guest/invitee caused losses and damages sustained to the vacation property throughout the duration of their period of occupancy. All reservations require Damage Protection, which is included in the total reservation amount. This coverage includes up to $1500 damage protection in case any unexpected damage occurs during your stay if Dreams2Reality Vacations is notified of the damage prior to departure. In the event of any uncovered guest/invitee-caused loss or damage to the vacation property, including, but not limited to, undue cleaning, eviction, service calls, service charges, fines/assessments, repairs or replacements, plus all applicable taxes, Dreams2Reaity Vacations is hereby granted the right to charge the guest’s credit card. By written or electronic endorsement of this agreement, the guest hereby agrees to pay for all such charges, as defined above and on the proceeding pages. This protection does not cover any damage caused by pets.


If there are concerns or issues with your rental property, please immediately contact our office (leave a message if there is no answer) at 800-549-1312 ext. 1. No refunds or considerations are given unless we are notified of problems during your stay. 


In the event of a problem getting in the vacation rental or if there are problems with condition or functionality of the vacation rental, please immediately contact our office (leave a voice message if there is no answer!) at 800-549-1312 ext 1 or by text at 417-213-3416 . If it is after office hours we will make every effort to return your call as soon as possible.  If a maintenance repair need arises, we will do everything in our power to fix the issue as soon as possible.  Depending on accessibility of parts and/or repair services, it can take up to 72 hours for some repairs to be completed.  Refunds will be considered if the repair takes longer than 72 hours after the issue was reported.


Check-in is at 4:00PM.

Check-Out is at 10:00AM.

You will receive check-in instructions for your stay one week prior to your arrival. The access code will be provided through E-mail and the DACK App prior to your arrival.

An early arrival or late check out may be arranged through the DACK APP at $25.00 per hour, pending other reservations and the housekeeping schedule. Early arrival and late departure requests must be made 24 hours prior to your arrival to accommodate for housekeeping staff and future guests.  Unless you have specifically arranged for an early arrival time, please do not arrive at the property before your scheduled check-in time unless you are contacted by Dreams2Reality Vacations to let you know the unit is clean and ready for your arrival. If you have not arranged for a late check out, you may be charged a $50 fee for each hour beyond 10:00AM you are still on property, at a minimum of one hour. If the property has not been vacated by noon, a fee equal to the rental rate of one day may be assessed.


Power/weather related cancellation: Dreams2Reality Vacations does not issue refunds due to acts of nature such as: weather, road conditions, snow conditions, power outages or forest fires. If cancellations are made further than 30 days prior to your arrival a FULL REFUND will be given.  If cancellations are made between 30 and 14 days prior to your arrival, a 50% REFUND will be given. There is NO REFUND if you cancel 14 days or closer to your arrival date. 


Change in the number of guests/conduct of guests: guest(s) agrees that more than the number of people stated on the reservation shall not occupy the premises overnight. Unauthorized people at the vacation rental at any time could result in extra charges for each additional guest, in addition to any and all damage, disturbance, and cleaning charges. The rental is not intended for parties, nor gatherings at any time of anyone except those who have paid to occupy the property. Exceptions are made on an individual basis – please contact Dreams2Reality Vacations for prior approval. If there is excessive noise or music, any illegal activity, or evidence of violation of these policies, you may be asked to vacate the premise without any refund and additional charges may be assessed. Please inform us of any change in the number of guests before your arrival to avoid these charges and so the cabin can be prepared appropriately for your group. No exceptions or refunds are given for changes in the number of guests after your arrival.


Pets are allowed ONLY in Pet Friendly properties and the pet fee must be paid prior to arrival.  The Pet Fee and Rules are stated in the listing on all pet friendly properties.  Allowed number of pets: 2 (Max 50 lbs. or less each unless otherwise stated in the listing).  Additional pets will need approval by the host and are subject to an additional pet fee.  Pet Fee: $125.00 per stay for up to 2 pets. Pets are not allowed on beds or furniture within the property.  Violation of these rules will result in a $500 fee applied to your reservation.  


All linens including towels, bed linens and pillows will be provided at the property.  Towels, sheets, pillows and blankets are not meant for outside use. Most properties are equipped with a washer/dryer and laundry detergent.  If you require additional sheets or towels, these can be purchased through the DACK App. 


Smoking/Vaping/Recreational Marijuana use or other drugs of any kind are not permitted in any Dreams2Reality Vacation property.  If there is any residual odor detected in the unit after your departure, you will be charged an additional fee of $250.00. At the request of the COA, and as a courtesy to other guests, please smoke at least 10 feet away from any doors or windows of the units.  Oil lamps, candles, or incense are not permitted due fire hazards and the long-lasting odor that others could be allergic to. Thank you for being considerate of others. 


Please do not put any feminine products in the toilet. Plungers are provided if a clog occurs. Please do not pour grease down the drain.


Guest(s) agree that Dreams2Reality Vacations reserves the right to enter the rental property any time to investigate disturbances, check occupancy, check for damage, to make such repairs, alterations or improvements as we may deem appropriate. 


Always lock doors and windows when you leave the vacation rental! Upon renting the vacation property, you assume responsibility for it and its contents, as well as your personal property. Dreams2Reality Vacations does not assume any responsibility for injuries resulting from your failure to use due caution. Children must be supervised at all times. Candles are not allowed due to fire hazard.


While Dreams2Reality Vacations and its property owners strive to maintain vacation properties in the finest condition, no guarantees are expressed nor implied regarding suitability or for any particular purpose. All guest(s) and their invitees use the vacation property structures and premises at their own risk. Dreams2Reality Vacations and its property owners shall not be held liable or otherwise responsible in any way for injury to any guest and/or their invitees that is caused or permitted to be caused by the intentional or unintentional acts of said guest(s) and/or invitees, or by the failure of structures, appliances, (including hot tubs and BBQs) furnishings, and/or other equipment, whether by malfunction, misuse, acts of god/nature, and/or are otherwise naturally occurring. No guarantees are expressed nor implied as to the suitability of utilities and other services provided to the vacation properties and adjacent structures and premises. No guarantees are expressed nor implied regarding the suitability/compatibility of materials utilized in the construction of the vacation property and/or its contents.  and its property owners shall not be held liable nor otherwise responsible in any way for allergic reactions to guest(s) or invitees, caused or permitted to be caused by materials utilized in the manufacture of the vacation property and/or its contents, nor from mold and/or airborne spores, nor from pet/animal allergens, nor from chemical agents including, but not limited to appliances, linens, carpeting, utensils, fixtures, hot tubs, and/or other equipment. By written or electronic endorsement of this agreement, guest(s) and invitees hereby agree to forever hold-harmless and indemnify and its property owners from and against all claims, demands, loss, liability/responsibility of any kind and character, including cost of defense, arising out of or in any way connected with the guest(s) use of the property.

Thank you for choosing a Dreams2Reality Vacations property. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.