Branson Secret Events

Perhaps “secret” is a bit of a strong word. But, how many visitors who come for Branson’s excellent outdoor activities, variety of entertainment, shopping galore, and tons of dining choices actually realize there may be “lesser known” festivals, events, and tournaments going on?  Maybe you’ll find something new here to enjoy.


Cornhole Tournaments

Similar to horseshoes except using cornbags and a slanted target, cornhole is an easy to learn game enjoyed worldwide by families. Yes, there are even professional cornhole players. Hosted by the American Cornhole Organization, BATTLE OF THE BADGES is coming to the Branson Convention Center in May. Can’t come for the BATTLE? ACO WORLDS is a five-day event in July for players, spectators and the entire family. This huge event includes fun Game Challenges, vendors, player meet & greets and more! Free for spectators.

Dancing Competition – National Finals

Coming June 13-19 to the Mansion Theater is Talent on Parade. This year the organization celebrates 25 years of fair and ethical competitions. After a year of local and regional events, the National Finals will culminate in Branson. Contact the Mansion Theater for more information.

Pickleball Tournament

The fast moving game of Pickleball has increased in popularity in the past several years. Membership in the USA Pickleball organization has reached over 50,000. Pickleball started as a game to end boredom by a congressman in Washington state in 1965. This team game has taken over tennis and indoor basketball courts alike. The Branson Championship Experience 2022 will be held this year in August utilizing indoor space at the Branson Convention Center. Come watch, or play!  (Registration ends in July.)

Powerboat Nationals

For some, a race around The Tracks in a go-kart is enough adrenaline. But for others, there’s nothing like watching, or driving in, a tunnel boat – otherwise known as a powerboat. Drivers race past while you watch from the Branson Landing sidewalks. Cheer them on as they zip around the buoys and fight for first place. Grand Prix and Championship events can be seen from May through September.

Softball and Baseball, too!

What was once known as the Red Roof Shopping Mall is now the Baseball Parks of America.  This unique facility houses stadiums 2/3 the size of the original iconic baseball fields along with replica locker rooms. Visiting baseball and softball teams don’t even have to leave the park since they can sleep in the adjoining bunkhouses. Visit the legendary ballparks from Kansas City, Boston, Chicago, Brooklyn, and St. Louis. Enjoy a day at the ballpark, or all 5, with tournaments and events from May through November.


while you’re enjoying all that Branson has to offer, experience the little “secrets” that Branson hosts, too!  We hope to see you out at one of these events. In between events, there’s always the hiking trails, golf courses, and everything Branson. Savor a meal at one of our locally owned favorite restaurants or pizza joints.  Either way, let Dreams2Reality help make your vacation memories even better.